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The title of exhibition “Mit Beethoven unter einem D-A-CH” (Under a roof with Beethoven)  is a play on words; the acronym D-A-CH stands for the German-speaking countries of Germany (D), Austria (A) and Switzerland (CH), and means “roof” in German. It will feature 10 artists from the three countries presenting paintings, installations, photographs, videos, etc. The exhibition of part of the “Beethoven as a Nature Lover” theme of the Beethoven Anniversary Year and follows the “Allegro – Neues Wagen” (Allegro – Dare to do something new) motto of the first quarter.

P. Aerschmann, CH; M. Baselgia, CH; Th. Kneubühler, CH; M. Lang, A; K. A. Loidl, A; P. Siering, D; A. Walther, D; K. Wanker, A; U. Wöllmann, D

Curators: Dr. U. Miksche, C. Genschow, M. Horling (Bonn)

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