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We are pleased to announce PMG artist CHERYL PAGUREK will present NAVIGATE, a project for Nuit Blanche Ottawa+Gatineau on September 20, 2014 in the George Street Curated Program, situated in the Byward pedestrian zone.

The installation features a projection of her Bodies of Water video to create an expansive environment of people navigating urban space. Life size animated figures of swirling water portray an ongoing flow of humanity, a testament to both constant change and continued endurance. A wide range of emotions is conveyed by the flutuating water, and through the posture and movements of the individuals of all ages, from youth to elderly. 

The video wil be rear-projected from within a large PODS moving and storage container, onto a screen stretched across the entrace to create a lightbox effect for viewers on the street. Pedestrians will encounter the animated figures of the video right at street level. A layered ambient soundtrack will envelop viewers, evoking the undulations of water and the rhythms of walking. NAVIGATE invites viewers to embrace the flux of our experience, as we navigate through space and time. 

Nuit Blanche Ottawa+Gatineau is a one-night, annual, dusk-until-dawn celebration of multidisciplinary art and local culture that takes place across multiple venues within Ottawa and Gatineau. 

For more information on Nuit Blanche and PMG artist CHERYL PAGUREK, please visit and 


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