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Vickie Vainionpää’s practice considers the impact of technology on the process of painting and investigates the relationship between natural forces and digital processes. In her ongoing Soft Body Dynamics series, twisting, tubular forms are systematically created using generative 3D modelling software. The software randomly generates a set number of splines per day, from which the artist selects to create final compositions which are painted by hand using oil on linen. By embracing new digital means of reading space and content, the works draw attention to the ever-changing relationship between the human body and digital technology.  Vainionpää uses code as a medium to create infinitely random relationships between diameter, curve and entanglement resulting in unique forms that relate to the dynamics of internal biology. The relationship between the body and technology is integral to Vainionpää’s symbiotic practice, through which the possibility of the virtual finds grounding in the texture of reality. Vainionpää finds creative freedom in the delicate balance between control and randomness that results from the generative process. 

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