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Vickie Vainionpää is known for her generative oil paintings that use code as a medium to create infinite relationships between diameter, curve and entanglement. Her softly textured, organic shapes fold and twist on them-selves to create biomorphic forms that are non-representational yet familiar. Using data from many sources, the artist's oeuvre began with an investigation into randomness and its relationship to abstraction. More recently, her research has included eye-tracking software in order to examine and respond to historical works of art. In her Gaze Paintings series, the artist's signature curvilinear shapes are directly mapped through the process of looking, transforming the notion of the gaze into an abstract representation of viewership. With their cool, fleshy tones and plush texture, a certain exuberance exists in the work, giving way to a sense of techno-optimism that binds the dual process of code and paint.

Vainionpää has participated in group shows at The X Museum, Beijing, China and The Margulies Warehouse, Miami, USA. Recent solo exhibitions include Metamorphoses at the historic site of The Museo Belvedere di San Leucio, CE, Italy; Software at The Hole, New York, USA as well as a solo presentation at NADA Miami, USA. 


IG: @vickiejv

Artist website:

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