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The work of Gracelee Lawrence deals with relationships between food, the body, and technology. It is born in the transfigurative space between physical and digital reality, exploring the ways in which bodies are both gendered and metaphorically fragmented in terms of capitalist-driven material desires, physical sustenance, and the digital spaces we inhabit. Lawrence’s works—through their peculiar combination of traditional sculpture and new technologies—are reflective of our current moment. They are both aware of history and our quickly approaching world to come, with all the intermingled dread and techno-optimism the future holds. Through her work, 3D files become tangible, life-sized entities, eerie manifestations of code and data. Her unique object sense, more concerned with the human condition than human touch, merges bodies, plants, and fruits with the digital and the digitally altered, resulting in uncanny and distorted—yet perfectly convincing—material presence. Gracelee has attended twenty residencies in the US and abroad and opened her second solo show in New York at Postmasters in June 2022 with a glowing review by Roberta Smith in the New York Times. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Sculpture at the University at Albany, SUNY. Recent exhibitions include Marinaro Gallery (New York, NY), PRIOR Art Space (Barcelona, Spain), Atlanta Contemporary (Atlanta, GA), Kavi Gupta Gallery (Chicago, IL), Turley Gallery (Hudson, NY), and more. She has installed large-scale outdoor sculptures at the Upstate Immersive (Poughkeepsie, NY), Wave Hill (Bronx, NY), Museum of Museums (Seattle, WA), Franconia Sculpture Park (Shafer, MN), Mary Sky (Hancock, VT), and others. In 2017 she returned from 15 months as a Visiting Professor in the Multidisciplinary Department of Art at Chiang Mai University and assistant to artist Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook on a Luce Scholars Fellowship. She is a member of the collective MATERIAL GIRLS, a recipient of the 2021-22 Individual Artist DEC Grant, a 2019 Jerome Fellow at Franconia Sculpture Park, a 2016-17 Luce Scholars Fellow, a recipient of the 2015 UMLAUF Prize, 2013 Eyes Got It Prize, and the 2011-12 Ella Fountain Pratt Emerging Artist Grant. Press for her work includes The New York Times, The New Yorker, ArtNet, Hyperallergic, Artspace, The Creative Independent, and MAAKE Magazine, among others. She is an enthusiastic dancer, a lifelong horsewoman, and an aspiring indoor gardener.





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