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Leslie Smith III practice investigates the history of modern painting with reference to material specificity, application, and pictorial perception. It seeks to cultivate viewing experiences that challenge how we understand ourselves in relationship to those around us, both socially and culturally. While the work often appropriates past and sometimes forgotten artistic histories, the goal is to generate works that exhibit social agency, perpetuating an existence uninhibited by social class, ethnicity, religion or any limiting factor. While contributing to discourse present in the broader contemporary art world, this trajectory has led him to examine the historical relationship between figuration and abstraction in conjunction with the metaphysics of Minimalism-- how eliminating all non-essential forms enable one’s awareness of being.

Furthermore, his recent works reference the history of painterly innovations associated with Black abstraction, the principles of non-Euclidean geometry, phenomenology and the parallax view. In all, Leslie strives to construct an aesthetic that creates challenging and unconventional viewing experiences. The subjects of these inquiries reflect intentions to politicize abstraction in the interest of suggesting perception as a defining factor in our cultural affair with otherness. Working in tandem with these concepts, he would like his future work to reconsider the causal-relationship between my philosophical and social concerns-- namely, the resulting image and desired viewing experience. Leslie Smith III plan to dive deeper into creating image-objects that provoke perceived experiences and collectively share a consciousness of one’s willingness to alter personal perception in order to correct how difference is seen. The resulting image is subsequently a shaped object on a wall that conveys meaning in its physical presence. It mediates meaningful experiences by fostering curiosity and anxiety in questioning how to approach it. 


LESLIE SMITH III is uniquely represented by MAUS CONTEMPORARY in Birmingham, Alabama. We thank MAUS CONTEMPORARY and Mr. Smith for this collaboration and the opportunity to present his work in Canada. For more information, please contact PMG or:

Guido Maus

2411 Second Avenue North
Birmingham, AL 35203    USA
(+1) 205 413 2999





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